Compliance Monitoring

The Compliance Monitoring template is there to help you monitor and manage your compliance program.

It tracks every stage of the process from creation of the policies, annual review processes and reporting to auditing. It includes custom fields to manage the work as well as allowing dashboards to be generated that show the status of your compliance program.

Create records for each piece of work that needs to be completed, as soon as you know it needs to be done, assign out each record to the person who needs to do the work, and plan out your compliance year. Make sure that all deadlines are captured, and enable workflow to issue reminders at the appropriate times.

Customize this template to meet your compliance needs.


  1. Create User fields for Assigned to, Reviewer and Approver (if required)
  2. Add new records for each task, completing all the custom fields.
  3. Use filters and reports to manage your work.
  4. Use the notes to keep track of new information.
  5. Use the attachments to store additional data, such as the final reports.
  6. Use reporting to keep everyone up to date on current status.
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