Complaints Register

Businesses need to be able to manage complaints, accurately and efficiently, while keeping excellent records.

This template has been designed for financial services companies who need to record complaints, and report these to the regulator. It can easily be adjusted to work for other industries.

It includes custom fields to manage the complaint as well as allowing reports to be generated that show the progress of the work.


  1. Create User fields for Assigned to, Reviewer and Approver (if required)
  2. Edit the Table of Contents to reflect a logical structure for managing complaints in your organization. If preferred, this can be left without any structure.
  3. For each complaint, ensure that it is registered in the system, with the appropriate data in the custom fields
  4. Use filters and reports to manage your work.
  5. Use the notes to manage the updates to the complaint.
  6. Consider using workflow to manage reminders and approvals.
  7. Once a resolution has been found, use the resolution field to summarize the outcome for future reporting or re-use.
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