Configure a Questionnaire

Once you have created a questionnaire, you can configure it by editing the details, promoting it to primary navigation, adding a logo, configuring the questions and publishing to the Solution Store.

Configure questionnaire

Click the CONFIGURE wheel next to the questionnaire you want to configure. You'll see the Configure questionnaire screen.

Promote to primary navigation

Primary navigation is the name given to the tabbed bar at the top of the page. Add your questionnaire as another tab to this bar.

  1. From the configure screen tick the Primary navigation check box
  2. You will see the name appear in the primary navigation bar

Keep names short, otherwise they will be abbreviated with "...". Promote only as many as can be seen on one screen.

For further details, see the primary navigation page.

Edit questionnaire details

Here you can edit your questionnaire name, details and enable/disable time registration.

  1. Click on EDIT next to the details text
  2. Make your changes, and click OK

Upload your logo

Click  UPLOAD LOGO in the Logo field to display the New Project logo dialog. Browse for the required image and click OK when you're done.

This logo can be used to personalise export files.

Edit survey questions

  1. Click  CONFIGURE next to the questionnaire.
  2. Navigate to the QUESTIONS section
  3. Click + ADD GROUP to add a group name for a set of questions.
  4. Click + ADD QUESTION to add a question.

It's good practice to organize your questions into groups for better readability.

Now you can gather feedback to your questionnaire.

Next Steps:

Now that you have added users to a survey, you can:



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