JIRA Integration

Teams use JIRA to capture and organize issues, work through action items, and stay up-to-date with team activity.

JIRA is not strong in requirement management. Some development teams use Confluence to track and revise requirements using a wiki page. Whilst this at least ensures there is a central repository for requirements it is not going to give a developer the full benefit of a dedicated requirement management tool.

Get the best of both worlds by combining Requirement Management from RequirementONE with the issue tracking capabilities from Atlassian JIRA.

The RequirementONE JIRA integration is a bi-directional live link using the RequirementONE and JIRA APIs. This means that you have full access to requirements from within JIRA and access to the issues from within RequirementONE.

The integration is free to use, you just need a valid RequirementONE and JIRA Cloud subscription. It takes just a few minutes to set up per project.

Configure the JIRA integration:

    1. On the Home screen, click on the name of the project where you want configure the Jira integration.
    2. On the Project Dashboard screen click  CONFIGURE next to the project name.
    3. Scroll down until you see the integrations section.
    4. Next to the Jira integration click CONFIGURE.

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  1. Specify the required settings in the Configure Integration dialog box.
  2. Click Save Configuration when you're done.

To use the integration, add the Jira link as an external link to your record, and it will be synchronised.

Here is the sequence in screenshots:

1 2 3

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4 5 6

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You can connect RequirementONE to an on-premise install of JIRA as long as your firewall has been opened up for the IP addresses that the RequirementONE infrastructure is using (we need to be able to query the API of your JIRA instance to make the integration work).



You may see this:

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 Some of the new versions of browsers have started to block what is referred to as 'mixed content' which applies to the JIRA integration as this is actually a separate application. You have to enable mixed content in your browser settings to make the JIRA integration configuration shown.

After you have clicked CONFIGURE in the integrations section, follow these instructions.


In Chrome, click on the shield, and select "Disable Protection on This Page".

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 In Firefox, click on the warning symbol, then on the right arrow >

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 Then press "Disable protection for now".

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