Purchase a Subscription

A RequirementONE subscription plan is priced per user per month according to the selected product tier. The options are listed on the pricing page.

Subscriptions are for an account (organization) and you select which account your project should belong to when you create it. If you were the first to sign up for your organization then you are already an administrator for the account and you are the default billing user meaning there is no need to take any further action.

There are two places you need to go to set this up.

1. The user profile page, where you enter your payment details

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2. The account, or organisation, configuration which is where you choose your license type and select your billing user.

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You can change the billing user at a later date just by going to the account configuration screen.

Buy a subscription

Buying a subscription is simple. All you need is at least one project, admin permissions and a credit card.

Start by Logging in to RequirementONE with your email address and password.

Click on your user name in the top right quadrant of the screen, and then click on USER PROFILE which will take you to the user profile page.

  1. Under the Payment section, click + ENTER PAYMENT DETAILS
  2. Add your credit card details
  3. Click Submit Payment Details.

Now, click on your user name again, but this time select your account or company name. This will take you to the account configuration page.

  1. Under the subscription section click on UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS
  2. Select a plan: Lite, Professional or Enterprise
  3. Click OK.

That's it!

Next Steps

Now that you have bought a license, you may want to:

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