Configure a Record

From this page, you can edit the details, add a note, add an external link, add an attachment, link to another record or issue and view change history.

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It consists of unique id, name, details, custom fields, notes and attachments. You can see all the existing records in a specification by double clicking on the specification name in the Specification app.

Edit details

Click  EDIT in the Details field to display the Edit Record dialog. Here you can edit your record name, description and any custom fields.

Add a note

  1. Click on + NEW NOTE.
  2. Add your note and a note category that describes the type of content you have added.
  3. Click OK

Add an external link

  1. Click on + NEW EXTERNAL LINK.
  2. Paste in the external link (normally a web page) that you want to link to. It is recommended you add a description.
  3. Click OK

Add an attachment

  1. Click on + NEW ATTACHMENT.
  2. Choose an attachment category, or Default if you have not configured any yet.
  3. Browse to find your attachment
  4. Click OK

Link to another record

  2. Select the type of link: Parent, Child or Sibling
  3. Choose a specification, and navigate through the table of contents until you find the record you want to link to. Alternatively, you can search for the record using the search box.
  4. Select the record.
  5. Click OK

Link to an issue

  1. Click on + NEW ISSUE LINK.
  2. Choose a review, and navigate until you find the issue you want to link to. Alternatively, you can search for the issue using the search box.
  3. Select the issue.
  4. Click OK

View change history

You can view all changes made to a record here.

Next Steps

Now that you have created a new record, you can:

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