Zapier Integration

Zapier ( is an application that gives you the power to integrate RequirementONE with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Set up the Zapier integration

The Zapier integration is set up from the website. To get this configured, the RequirementONE specific documentation is here. The description below is given as a guideline only.

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Click on "Make a Zap"
  3. Give your Zap a name
  4. Create a trigger
  5. Select RequirementONE as the app. Choose either
    • New Time Registration - Triggers when there is a new time registration event.
    • New Requirement - Triggers when requirements are added or updated on the project.
  6. Connect your account
  7. Select the name of your project from the drop down list
  8. Test the connection
  9. Create an action
  10. In this case, we are going to email ourselves, so select the Zapier email and add some key details
  11. Click Finish and make it live.

With over 500 apps connected via Zapier, there are many things you can automate. If you have a particular RequirementONE favourite, please share it with the RequirementONE community.


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