Solution Template

[Level: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced] [Intended audience: ]

[Your Logo]

[Name of the Solution]

[One line description of the Solution].


[Why should people look at this Solution? What are the benefits]

Typical use cases

Here is a typical, but not exhaustive, list of roles and associated use cases that would interact with this solution.
Role Use case
[Role 1] [List of use cases]
[Role 2] [List of use cases]


These apps and templates are used for the solution.
[Title of Planning section of solution]
[Name of planning template]
[Title of Specification section of solution]
[Name of specification template]
[Title of Issue section of solution]
[Name of issue template]
Stakeholder Feedback
[Title of Stakeholder section of solution]
[Name of questionnaire template]

Getting started

  1. Select an existing, or create a new project
  2. Click on the Solution Store, and select the [Name] template
  3. You may also wish to [optional extras]
  4. Once you have the templates, follow the how to guide, or watch this short video.

Additional notes

An example has been included.

It is recommended that this list is used in conjunction with [something]

Related links

These links show [related content][more in-depth solutions][reference documents][standards websites][case studies][data sheets][company blogs][about the author][...]

Questions or Comments?

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