Create a Custom Field

Custom fields are a great way to store custom data against a record, and use it to organise your work in combination with filters or document exports.

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There are three types of custom field: text, list and users.


Displayed to the right of a record, a text field can be used to hold key data. There is an optional regular expression, with pre-defined options for Integer, US date and US dollars.

For larger data volumes, click the multi-line option. This field will be displayed underneath the details field in a record.


Create a pre-defined list for users to select from. This field will be displayed to the right of the record. All the fields defined here can be used for filtering and the classification graphs.


Create a user list from selected project members - give it a name and select at least one member of the project from the drop down list. Send an optional notification to let them know.

This field can be used for any purpose where you need to involve a person such as Assigned to, Reviewer, Approver, Developer and Owner. You can select multiple people, and a notification will be sent out when the field is updated and the record is saved.

Create a custom field

Creating a custom field is easy.

  1. Click CONFIGURE next to the specification you want to add a custom field to. The specifications settings page displays.
  2. Click + NEW CUSTOM FIELD. The New Custom field dialog displays.
  3. Select the type of field you need, and fill in the relevant details.
  4. Click OK.

Your new field displays in any new records you create in that specification.

Next steps

Now that you have created one or more custom fields you can:

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