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Anyone implementing new business software.
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Achieve project success with a structured approach to defining, procuring, configuring and rolling out commercial of the shelf (COTS) software.


There can be significant business challenges when implementing and updating Business Software, ranging from procurement of a new system to maintaining it once it has gone live and every step in between.

Many business software implementation projects are coordinated using documents shared across teams with the associated version control and user access issues. Gathering and analyzing feedback from all relevant stakeholders just exacerbates the number of documents to manage.

For example, in order to be able to work with vendors to evaluate different solutions in order to select the best fit, you have to provide information about your requirements. This information is normally created through a collaboration between the project team and stakeholders. Typically, this information is provided in Microsoft Excel, which has no collaborative benefits, cannot link dependencies or rank priorities across capabilities and change requests.

Streamline the vendor selection process by using a centralized system. Provide access to this system for vendor responses. Vendors benefit through the ability to assign individual requirements to specific subject matter experts (SME) in their team. You benefit from a system where all the responses are already integrated, giving the ability to instantly evaluate the combined responses to guide your selection.

The cloud-based platform from RequirementONE leads to better collaboration and reduced risk, with consistent and rapid deployment of best practices. Regardless of the methodology being used, RequirementONE helps teams manage complexities by providing everything in one place: requirements, project plan templates, test plans, error/bug tracking, change management and stakeholder feedback.

The RequirementONE platform enables solutions for any Business Software implementation.

Key Benefits 

Here are the key benefits of the RequirementONE Business Software Implementation Solution.

Pre-defined Templates

Models for best practice approaches can be selected from the Solution Store and customized to make them appropriate for your organization. This reduces the risk of errors and kick starts your project

A Single Point of Truth

A central online repository stores each requirement as a record. Updates, comments and meta-data are controlled and tracked individually. This means no open questions about the agreed upon project specifications, or who made which change when.

A Collaborative Platform

The multi-user environment allows administrators control over which users have access to which project components. This means that information is accessible to those who need it in real time, fully secure and auditable.

Vendor Replies

The system allows digital sharing of all requirements and predefined response formats at the record level with vendors. This means that vendor experts can work in parallel, sharing the workload across their teams. Using a single system across all vendors allows for instant comparative analysis.

Dependency Linking

Parent/child or sibling links show critical relationships between tasks, requirements, feedback and issues. This means you can visualize how changes to one project element impacts others


In-line analytics highlight gaps in coverage, traceability of changes and status of implementation efforts

Typical Use Cases

Here is a typical, but not exhaustive, list of roles and associated use cases that would interact with this solution.

Role Use Case
End users
  • Gather stakeholder feedback
Internal / Project team
  • Analyse feedback and convert to requirements
  • Prioritise requirements
  • Convert requirements into a formal document that can be shared with vendors
  • Evaluate quantitative vendor feedback
  • Invite customer SME to analyse vendor feedback
  • Analyse qualitative vendor feedback
  • Produce reports
  • Develop detailed requirements based on document
  • Implement
  • Manage change requests
  • Verify
  • Register issues
  • Answer formal document at the requirement level
  • Invite internal SME to help respond to the formal document with individual requirements



These apps and templates are used for the solution.

App Template


Getting started

  1. Select an existing, or create a new project
  2. Click on the Solution Store, and select the Generic Business Software Implementation template listed above
  3. Once you have the templates, follow the Implementation plans.

Additional notes

This is a generic business software implementation solution. Customize this solution to meet your current Business Software Implementation needs.

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