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Many verticals, including Technology, Industrial, Aerospace, Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Retail, Financial Services, Government and Public Service need to manage a product development lifecycle.

Most manage their requirements using a mix of spreadsheets, documents, shared drives, engineering-focused tools or issue management systems.

Managing the information across the project life cycle is traditionally difficult due to the number of data sources, version control and the pace of change. It is inefficient to use different systems or stand alone spreadsheets since none of these provide a unified approach to manage information, while maintaining traceability between all areas.

RequirementONE is a user-friendly solution for managing business and functional requirements, which helps you develop products that customers want and will pay for, while reducing time to market. It provides everything in one place: requirements, project plan templates, test plans, issue tracking, change management and stakeholder feedback.

There are example templates that cover all of these areas, which are based on the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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SDLC is a term used to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying a system.

Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits of the RequirementONE Product Development Solution.

Manage Requirements

Capture input from both internal and external stakeholders to define features of the new product. Full traceability of any changes to these requirements.

Streamline the Process

Enable all relevant team members and experts to work in parallel on the same data set to de-duplicate, cleanse, process, prioritize and decide on the features to be developed. Use the same system to convert the Market Requirements into Product Requirements or Agile Backlogs, or export to your existing engineering/software development solution as appropriate.

Depending on what other project management systems you use, RequirementONE can also provide a templated approach to creating plans, linking tasks to requirements, assigning tasks, setting, configuration, testing, launch and user training.

Reduce Costs

Each step of the process from requirements management, to product development, to testing and issue management will have significantly quicker turnaround time and lower cost by reducing requirement gathering, development, testing and implementation time.

Easy to Use

Much simpler to use than most engineering requirements/issue management tools. Move business and customer requirements capture from Microsoft Office based tools into an online maintainable system.

A Single Point of Truth

A central online repository stores each requirement as a record. Updates, comments and meta-data are controlled and tracked individually, allowing definitive product specifications.

A Collaborative Platform

The multi-user environment allows administrators control over which users have access to which project components. Data is accessible to global stakeholders with no version control issues, promoting teamwork.

Dependency Linking

Parent, Child or sibling links show critical relationships between market requirements, product requirements, the backlog, feedback and issues.


Full visibility into the development process through documentation and reporting of all requirements, agreements, stakeholder feedback and progress. In-line analytics highlight gaps in coverage, traceability of changes and status of development efforts.

Typical Use Cases

Here is a typical, but not exhaustive, list of roles and associated use cases that would interact with this solution.

Role Use Case
End users
  • Submit stakeholder requirements
  • Submit change requests
  • Submit issue
Project team
  • Gather stakeholder requirements
  • Convert ideas/suggestions to requirements
  • Document the work breakdown structure
  • Sign-off requirements with end users
  • Manage change requests
  • Manage issues
  • Implement requirements
  • Verify requirements / implementation


These apps and templates are used for the solution.

App Template
  • Raise enhancements, change requests or defects


Getting started

  1. Select an existing, or create a new project
  2. Click on the Solution Store, and select the Product Development templates
  3. Once you have the templates you can follow the implementing plan.

Additional notes

This is a generic Product Development approach to a general flow. This can be refined to greater detail based on industry and methodology to meet your current product development needs.

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