The Platform Architecture

Now that you have read about RequirementONE, you can find out more about the platform architecture.

RequirementONE is available in the public cloud, as a private cloud and on-premise. The only system requirements are internet access and an up to date web browser.

For our most popular option, the public cloud, as well as the private cloud you don’t need to purchase and maintain any special hardware or software.

Your subscription includes technology and processes designed to secure your data against physical loss, unauthorized use and 24*7 data availability (except during brief scheduled software updates), and assurance that the service will scale as you grow users, applications, and activity.

Proven high availability

RequirementONE leverages the best in data and facilities protection as well as a full data recovery process, Your information is safe and quickly accessible.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, in a selection of geographical location for you to choose, includes application fail-over, full backup systems for power, full backup systems for cooling as well as robust bandwidth which is fully dedicated to customer traffic. All of these ensure data availability.


By investing in the top hardware, software, and networking technology needed to deliver data quickly and retrieve data efficiently, RequirementONE delivers outstanding performance. The platform is designed to support both user and integration API activity at scale. RequirementONE uses:

  • A multi-tenant architecture
  • Deployments of the highest performing web, application, and database servers.
  • Best-of-breed network technologies, including leading switches and routers, load-balancing, and firewall technologies.
  • A service center, exclusively using carrier-class bandwidth and multi-gigabit IP transit to handle all user transactions.


Leveraging the benefits of a multi-tenant architecture, RequirementONE service and performance are available to all customers, regardless of size. As the number of users and transactions increases, the system will scale to meet your needs.

Security at every level

Security is a top priority in today’s technological environment. RequirementONE services include the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection software, and proprietary security applications so you don’t have to spend resources and time protecting your data.

High-level data center physical security is upheld with 24*7 on-site professional security officers, surveillance cameras, pin pad and biometric systems.

Automatic Upgrades

When our product team release a new version, all customers are automatically upgraded to the new release.

Multi-tenant architecture

Every customer’s deployment of an application occupies a separate virtual partition on the server that contains the metadata, business rules, interfaces, and so forth that are specific to that customer.

By separating each customer’s metadata and customizations from the core product, business users can add a customer’s business logic to the solution without needing to know advanced programming concepts and without affecting the core product.

RequirementONE also stores custom code in each customer partition, thereby ensuring that code written by one customer remains unique to that customer.

Private cloud and on-premise solutions

If you require a private cloud or on-premise version of RequirementONE then contact the helpdesk for more information.

Next Steps

Now that you have learned about the RequirementONE Platform architecture, you can:

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