About the Feedback App

Whether you are creating a new product, implementing a business software project or ensuring compliance management, you can use the Feedback app to gather information from stakeholders and users such as requirements, issues or suggestions.

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The Feedback app is great for getting business users to submit requirements directly in to RequirementONE. It has been specially designed to gather user input from a wide range of users. Questionnaires can be distributed by email or via a link within your existing product(s). You can set up questionnaires with friendly introductions to help get a good user response.

Your questionnaire could gather data such as responder, request, reason and custom data such as company or department. You might also include an upload option to include a consultation document or screen shots.

Once you get some user submissions you can link to records and issues.

Next Steps

Now that you have learned about the feedback app you can:

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