About the Specification App

The Specification app makes it easy for you and your team to access all records relating to a particular project. Records can be frameworks, business requirements, functional requirements, use cases and test cases.

Think of a specification as a single document, each record as a paragraph, organised with a table of contents.

The Specification overview shows recent additions, changes and total requirement count.

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Within a specification, a record consists of a unique id, name, details, notes and attachments. You can create custom fields in your specification such as priority, responsible person and status useful for managing your data.

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All changes are automatically logged in a change history for each item, allowing you to manage changes over time.

You can define links between records, issues and feedback helping you to understand interdependencies.

In order to share your data with others in an easily understandable form, you can download all your data to Microsoft Excel and Word, using custom templates to create documents that match your corporate branding.

Next Steps

Now you have understand the specification app, you can:

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