Navigating RequirementONE

Here's what you need to know to navigate your way around RequirementONE.

This is the RequirementONE home page. Each of the numbered sections is described in more detail below.

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The workspace area changes with the application context. In all cases, this is where you can see the content you have created, as well as manipulate the content by creating, configuring, editing or deleting it.

To configure Projects, Plans, Specifications, Feedback, Questionnaires, Reviews and Issues, hover over the heading, and when you see a blue wheel to the left of the heading, click it to configure settings.

As you move your mouse over the different tasks, records, table of contents and issues in RequirementONE an edit button will display allowing you to edit fields.

1 - Application bar

Clicking on the Home tab shows a list of projects you can access.

These projects can also be seen from any of the pages within RequirementONE by using the drop down arrow next to your project name in the breadcrumb. This makes switching projects easy.

Once you have selected a particular project the apps that are available for that project are shown alongside the Home tab on the application bar. Normally, this will include Plan, Specification, Feedback, Issues and Solution Store

2 - Action bar

The action bar shows all actions related to the tab you are on. For the Home page, these are Projects and Profile.

3 - Profile

Access the user profile configuration page where you can change your password, update your company information (admin only), view your projects (admin only) and update your payment details.

4 - Breadcrumb

There is a breadcrumb on each page showing where you are within RequirementONE. You can click anywhere on the breadcrumb to navigate back up the hierarchy.

5 - Account access

Click on your name to get access to your user profile (see number 3 above) and click on your company name to access your account details.

Under account details, you can edit your company name, update your subscription details, select the billing user, view project details, edit user permissions and upload report templates.

This is also where you log out of RequirementONE.

6 - New

Click here to create new content.

7 - Help

Every screen has contextual help, to assist with common tasks.

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8 - Contact us

Get in touch with the RequirementONE team. We love to hear from you.

9 - Help Desk and Forum

Get help from RequirementONE experts both within the company and across the community to answer any questions you may have.

10 - Context sensitive help

Each section of help includes an overview, a description of what you can do on the page with links to the documentation and Tips to help you get the most from RequirementONE.

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen is shown by default the first time you log in. You hide it by selecting the "Do not show again" checkbox, and view it again by pressing the Welcome button in the home page help.

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The welcome screen for the home page includes the Getting Started Video, links to the Documentation, Best practice templates and access to RequirementONE experts.


Data Views

All data views including filters and visualization keep their state. For example, if you use a filter against a specification, that filter would be maintained even if you navigate away from the page.


Next Steps

Now that you know how to navigate, you can:

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