RequirementONE Platform Release Plan

Last edited: April 2, 2018.

The RequirementONE platform is continuously being improved and expanded. Below you can see the features that are being worked on and the work planned for the future RequirementONE road map.


- Role based permissions

- Rich Text (Bold, Italic, Lists, Hyperlinks)

- Smart List Search

- All data views including filters and visualization keep their state.

- Ability to promote project plans, specifications and questionnaires to the primary navigation for a project

- Ability to move, copy and update multiple records in one go

- Organize all of your projects under an organization 

- Unified billing for all of your projects under your organization 

- Specification App, Charts of data aggregated for custom fields and other status fields

- Move configurations (Specification App: table of contents in context on data pages)

- Support culture (date and number formats) world wide

- Update UI to become adaptive to screen and window size

- Files App, for storing project files

- Specification App, Batch move records

- Specification App, Upload your own Word and Excel reports

- Issues App, Download list of issues

- Release Solution Store with templates for your project 

- Specification App, New Word report look and feel including support for project and specification logos.

- Feedback App, set status for individual submissions to track progress including filters

- Feedback App, updated in context menus for questionnaire for previous and quick link to questionnaire

- Improved log in and session handling (no need to log in if you work continuously)

- Improved validation messages

- Page titles for issues, requirements and tasks contains id / name for easy identification when bookmarked or if multiple tabs are open

- Specification App, Support for reordering values for list based custom fields

- Specification App, Support for reordering custom fields

- Specification App, enhanced document view and changing between document view and table view

- Specification App, table will be condensed further by omitting custom field values in this view

- Planning App, Ability to link to issues and requirements from a task

- Feedback App, Ability to download submissions to excel received for a questionnaire

- Issues App, Additional notification emails in relation to issues being updated

- Issue App, Upload attachments 

- Issues App, The app is now part of the RequirementONE license

- Lists will contain a record count based on the filters applied

- Upload project logo to be used in reports

- In context purchase option for licenses and Solution Store content

- Requirement Import Utility (beta)

- Specification App, Upload attachments

- Embed image attachments for requirements in Word report

- Affiliate program for all users - refer RequirementONE to new users and make a commission

- New simplified billing for projects

- Integration with 200+ app via Zapier

- Specification App, use table of contents as filter for searches

- Enhanced filters for Issues App and Planning App

- Updated oAuth authentication to comply with the latest format

- Dashboard charts

- Atlassian JIRA integration

- Specification App, traceability matrix

- Feedback App

- Pickers (requirements, issues, tasks) across all apps

- Platform upgrade to version 3.0 with basic functionality in place for Planning, Specification and Issue App.

- Specification App, show custom field values in document view

- Specification App, edit custom field value in document view

- Specification App, download app to excel report

- Specification App, Download attachments

- Specification App, Manage requirement links

- Issue App, Download attachments

- Issue App, add and edit issues

- Specification App, configure and and custom fields for a specification

- Implement enhancements based on  general user feedback

- Billing, Purchase options for Apps and detailed account statement

- User invite and permissions for each app

- Implement date picker for tasks and projects

 - Planning App, in context edit and and re-arrange tasks

 - Specification App, table listing for requirements

 - Implement reorder of requirements in document view

 - Implement enhancements based on  general user feedback

 - Configure your own custom fields for Issues

 - receive notifications when an issue is assigned to you

Issues Resolved

April '17

Resolved Browser issues

1282 In certain circumstances, re-login dialog after a timeout does not close. 

Mobile Improvements

1278 Unable To Click On New Password In Mobile Mode
1289 Login button does not work unless you press enter 

UI Improvements

1297 Classification chart height is now smaller to allow better overview of data underneath
1118 Search in drop down lists to enable easier access to content

October '16

Resolved Browser issues

1032 Issues downloading reports in Safari on Mac
1274 Cannot add attachment with Firefox 49.0 on Windows or Mac

Improved Batch select

1137 Batch select should be more visible
1138 Batch select multiple records in a section
1257 Batch update usability issues

UI Improvements

1250 User profile has a spurious "k" on the screen
1252 Selecting a date in a plan or a survey overwrites title until you click elsewhere
1270 Add questionnaires to the primary navigation bar
1271 Classification analytics diagram hangs under certain conditions
1272 Filter is not applied when returning to document view
1273 Grid size breaks design

Move / Copy / Update changes

1217 Move / copy record make it impossible change order
1258 Cannot copy a record to a top level TOC section

Core enhancements

1248 Cannot access surveys via public link
1268 Custom values are not shown for table view
1269 Record saved after error
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    I  see where the next release is planned for mid / end Q4

    If I'm reading this correctly, email notifications and attachment uploads will be included in the next Beta release. Will the uploading of attachments include uploading attachments at Specification s? 

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    RequirementOne Support

    Hi Jeff,

    Attachment uploads for requirements (in the Specification App) and issues (in the Issues App) have already been implemented i.e. the detailed records in the respective apps.

    Currently we only support upload of a logo (image) at the specification level.

    Do you have a particular use case in mind that would make it useful to have upload capability at the specification level?

    "We are always ready to help"

    The RequirementOne Team

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    RequirementOne Support

    New updates released.

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    When are we going to have the private templates? I am unable to expand my work without it... Recreating the template each time makes normal documents more feasable, while publishing the template to the store also requires comprehensive documentation.


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    RequirementOne Support

    Hi Az,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The next release we start working on this week will include organizational support and private templates. 

    However in the short term may I suggest that you submit your template(s) to the Project Store. If you can make them generic and write a bit about them then they will be accepted.

    Please feel free to contact our helpdesk if you need any help.


    "We are always ready to help"

    The RequirementOne Team

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    Thanks for the graphs feature, I am really content with it. I love graphs, it made the app very lively.
    Also the app interface enhancement is very helpful, the app is now much more usable on tablets and looks more modern.
    Please accelerate the private templates feature to make my happiness complete.

    Thanks a lot.

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