Step 5: Log issues

Issues are typically created as a result of feedback or testing, when there is a deviation from the defined requirement. You can link an issue to the original requirement or attach pictures or screen grabs to explain the issue further.

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Issues are gathered together in reviews.

Create a review

  1. From the Issues tab, click + NEW REVIEW
  2. Enter the name and description in the dialog and click OK. Your new review appears in the review list.

Create an issue

  1. Click on the Review you just created.
  2. Click + NEW ISSUE
  3. Enter the required details and click OK.
  4. The new issue displays in the list of issues.
  5. To edit an issue, click EDIT next to the issue you want to edit.
  6. Edit the issue name, description, ID number and/or change the status of the issue as required.

Link an issue to a requirement:

  1. Click on the title of the issue to display the detailed view.
  2. Click + NEW REQUIREMENT LINK to display the New Issue Link To Requirement dialog.
  3. Choose the required review and issue, click OK. The issue is now linked to the requirement.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have completed this quick start guide, and have your first project completed.

Now that you have the basics set up, you may want to:


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