Step 4: Gather Feedback

Whether you are creating a new product, implementing a business software project or ensuring compliance management, you can use the Feedback app to gather information from stakeholders and users such as requirements, issues or suggestions.

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The first step is to create a new survey to contain your questionnaires.

Create a survey

  1. In the feedback app, click + NEW SURVEY
  2. Enter the survey details in the New Survey dialog and click OK.
  3. Your new survey appears in the survey list.

Now you've created your survey you can add questionnaires to it. You can create multiple questionnaires to capture different data to meet your needs, whether it is for new requirements, change requests or something completely different.

You can create your own questionnaire or pick one from the Solutions store.

Create a questionnaire

  1. Click on the survey you want to add the questionnaire to.
  3. Select Create New or Pick From Solution Store.
  4. Enter the required details and click OK.

Your questionnaire is created and appears within the survey you added it to.

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Now you can configure your questionnaire.

Configure your questionnaire

  1. Click CONFIGURE next to the questionnaire.
  2. Decide whether to check the ALLOW ANONYMOUS check box. This will generate a web link that does not need a login to submit feedback. Anonymous questionnaires are useful for getting feedback from a wide range of stakeholders who may not have access to RequirementONE.
  3. Click + ADD GROUP to add a group name for a set of questions.
  4. Click + ADD QUESTION to add a question.

Organize your questions into logical groups for better readability and an increased feedback return rate.

Now you're ready to distribute your questionnaire to the relevant stakeholders.

Distribute your questionnaire

Access to the questionnaire is either on a named user basis (the user must be part of the project) or by defining a questionnaire as public. This generates a unique web URL which allows access to the questionnaire without logging in to RequirementONE. The steps to send out to external users are:

  1. From the configure questionnaire page copy the public link that is displayed under the Details field.
  2. Paste that link into an email and send to the relevant stakeholders.

To add users to a survey

  1. Click  CONFIGURE next to the required survey.
  2. Click + ADD USERS and add the required users, click OK when you're done.

View questionnaire submissions:

  1. Click on the questionnaire title in the Feedback app. You can see a list of all the received submissions.
  2. Click on a submission to see questionnaire answers.

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