Configure Your Survey

Once you have created a survey, you can configure it by editing the details or choosing to add users.

Configure survey

Click the  CONFIGURE wheel next to the survey you want to configure. You'll see the Configure survey screen.

Edit survey details

Here you can edit your survey name, details and enable/disable time registration.

  1. Click on EDIT next to the details text
  2. Make your changes, and click OK

Configure users

Survey access is either on a named user basis (the user must be part of the project) or by defining each questionnaire as public. You can assign different permissions to different surveys, so you control the questionnaires that users can access.

Add users to a survey

  1. Click CONFIGURE next to the required survey.
  2. Click + ADD USERS and add the required users by putting a check next to their name. Click OK when you're done.

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Next Steps:

Now that you have added users to a survey, you can:

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