Create a Record

A record in the Specification app may be a requirement, test case, framework, policy, article, or pretty much whatever you choose.

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It consists of unique id, name, details, custom fields, notes and attachments. You can see all the existing records in a specification by double clicking on the specification name in the Specification app.

Create a record

Creating a new record is simple.

  1. From the Specification app, choose where in the hierarchy the record sits.
    • If this is at the top level, click on + NEW RECORD above the HISTORY menu item.
    • If this is at a sub level, navigate to that sub level, hover over it and click the right hand down arrow. Select + NEW RECORD
  2. Populate all the relevant fields. Only the name is required. Use rich text to add Bold, Italic, Bullets and Hyperlinks.
  3. Click OK

Next Steps

Now that you have created a new record, you can:

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