Import Tool (beta)

You probably already have numerous existing records. Use the Import Utility to import existing data quickly and easily into your Specifications.

The import is based on comma separated vales (CSV), this means the first step in the process is to get your data into the correct format for import into RequirementONE.

WARNING: As a beta release, use of this utility is at your own risk.

Quick start

1. Watch the how to video in our resources section:

2. Access the the import utility at using your RequirementONE login. If you don't have one just sign up.

Import data

  1. Insert your existing data into an Excel spreadsheet and save the file in the comma delineated format.
  2. Go to the RequirementONE import utility and use your regular RequirmentONE login.
  3. Browse for your comma separated file and upload it into a RequirementONE project.
  4. Import your requirements directly into an existing specification or create a new one.
  5. Map fields in your import to fields in RequirementONE.
  6. Choose your table of contents options.
  7. Click Next to let the system validate the mapping. The next screen shows you a preview, click Finish to complete the process.
  8. Check the import by switching back to RequirementONE, search for the project you used as the target for the import and open the Specifications. Click on the recent import to view it. You can see your recently imported data in the format you specified.

Next Steps

Once we have received beta feedback, and defined further requirements, this import utility will be added to the core product.

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