What's New In RequirementONE

RequirementONE are always working on new features and improvements to the platform. Click on the sections below to see the latest features that have been added or improved.

General features Planning app Specification app
Issues app Feedback app Integrations

General features

  • Support culture (date and number formats) world wide
  • UI adaptive to screen and window size
  • Project store with templates for your project
  • Improved log in and session handling (no need to log in if you work continuously)
  • Improved validation messages
  • Page titles for issues, requirements and tasks contains id / name for easy identification when bookmarked or if multiple tabs are open
  • Lists contain a record count based on the filters applied
  • Upload project logo available in reports
  • In context purchase option for licenses and project store content
  • Requirement Import Utility (beta)
  • Embed image attachments for requirements in Word report
  • Affiliate program for all users - refer RequirementONE to new users and make a commission
  • Simplified billing for projects
  • Updated oAuth authentication to comply with the latest format
  • Dashboard charts
  • Pickers (requirements, issues, tasks) across all apps
  • Platform upgrade to version 3.0 with basic functionality in place for Planning, Specification and Issue apps.
  • Implement enhancements based on general user feedback
  • Billing, Purchase options for apps and detailed account statement
  • User invite and permissions for each app
  • Date picker for tasks and projects
  • Reorder of requirements in document view

Planning app

  • Ability to link to issues and requirements from a task
  • Enhanced filters
  • In context edit and re-arrange tasks

Specification app

  • Charts of data aggregated for custom fields and other status fields
  • Move configurations in this app: table of contents in context on data pages
  • Batch move records
  • Upload your own Word and Excel reports
  • New Word report look and feel including support for project and specification logos
  • Support for reordering values for list based custom fields
  • Support for reordering custom fields
  • Enhanced document view and changing between document view and table view
  • Table condensed further by omitting custom field values in this view
  • Upload attachments
  • Use table of contents as filter for searches
  • Traceability matrix
  • Show custom field values in document view
  • Edit custom field value in document view
  • Download app to excel report
  • Download attachments
  • Manage requirement links
  • Configure and custom fields for a specification
  • Table listing for requirements

Issues app

  • Download list of issues
  • Enhanced filters
  • Additional notification emails in relation to issues being updated
  • Upload attachments
  • The app is now part of the RequirementOne license
  • Download attachments
  • Add and edit issues
  • Configure your own custom fields for Issues
  • Receive notifications when an issue is assigned to you

Feedback app

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