Sample Policies

Policies are clear, simple statements, that define how your organization intends to conduct its services, actions or business. They provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making.

These specifications are intended to be used to give you a head start in creating or adapting your policies which reflect your business, and the countries your organization operates in. These policies are being augmented over time.

Currently available:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As every organization is different, please seek professional advice when creating your policies. Your business may face circumstances and issues that are not covered by these samples. These sample policies are offered 'as-is' with no warranty or guarantee.

RequirementONE cannot take any responsibility for the consequences of errors or omissions. Any reliance you place on this specification will be at your own risk. Neither RequirementONE, nor its employees, experts, sponsors or syndication partners are liable for any losses or damages arising from your use of this specification.


Sample policies which can be adapted to meet your business and legislative needs.


  1. Rename the specification by removing the word "Sample"
  2. Either use the policies as a starting point, or import your existing policies, and use the sample policy records to cross-check, sanity check and augment them.
  3. Use the custom fields to keep track of the Policy status
  4. Assign Owners, Reviewers and Approvers to each Policy
  5. Set up a Review and Training Schedule to ensure your policies are constantly up to date, and everyone is aware of them.
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